Adding content at the end or after each post in WordPress

If you need to some content after each post in your WordPress website, there is a handy plugin that can do that easy for you.

Installing the plugin

Let’s go to Plugins>AddNew in the Admin Panel

The Add plugin window will be displayed

Enter the text “add widget after” in the keyword search text box. Once you get the Add Widget After Content plugin info displayed, click on Install Now.

And next, click on Activate.

Configuring the Plugin

The plugin will be displayed under the Appearance menu options as shown below.

Now, we need to be careful about the settings. If you click on a checkbox for any of the options you are telling WordPress TO NOT SHOW the content in that specific element. The widget is displayed in all the elements by default.

Adding the content

To add the content to be displayed at the end of the posts or pages, you can go to the Widgets section. Look for the After Content Widget.

As in any other widget, you can specify the content to be added.

In this example we are going to add a Custom HTML element. And voila! we have our content displayed at the end of pages and posts in our blog now.

What if I don’t want to display the content in specific pages or posts?

There is a very helpful option to restrict the display of the content on specific pages or posts. At the end of the Post/Page editor you will see the following option. Check it if you don’t want the content to be displayed in that specific page or post.

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