Installing WordPress locally in your computer – Part 1

WordPress can be installed locally in our computer to test plugins or configurations before moving to a live or production server.

¿What is required?

These are the elements that you will need to install locally.

  1. A PHP development plataform. This is a piece of software that will help you display your site in a browser. In this example I will use XAMPP, which is a development environment which includes:
    a. Apache Web Server
    b. MariaDB Database Server
    c. PHP, the programming language used by WordPress
    XAMPP can be downloaded here:
  2. The WordPress installer. WordPress can be downloaded from free from the website:

XAMPP, PHP development platform installation.

I will install WordPress locally in a Windows 10 Box.

The XAMPP installer can be found in

XAMPP website

Let’s select the latest XAMPP Version for Windows, in this example it ‘s 7.4.4.

XAMPP Current Version

The installer will be downloaded in your computer. Click on it to start the installation

XAMPP Downloaded File

Click Yes in the next screen, in my case I had no issues with my Antivirus software.

XAMPP Installation Process

Click Ok in the following Window.

XAMPP Installation Process

The first screen of the setup process will be displayed. Click on Next.

XAMPP Installation Process

Leave the settings defined by default and click on Next.

XAMPP Installation Process

Leave the installation folder as indicated below.

XAMPP Installation Process

Click Next in the following window.

XAMPP Installation Process

If in the previous window the checkbox for “Learn more about Bitnami for XAMPP” is selected, then the following windows is displayed. Just close it and continue with the installation.

XAMPP Installation Process

Click Finish to end the wizard setup.

XAMPP Installation Process

Wait for the installer to finish copying all the necessary files.

XAMPP Installation Process Files Copy

Once the files have been copied, click on Finish. Leave the checkbox “Do you want to start the Control Panel now” selected.

XAMPP Installation Process

First time the control panel starts, it will ask for the language to be used. In this case I have selected English and clicked on Save.

XAMPP Installation Process

The control panel is displayed as shown below.

XAMPP Installation Process

Verifying XAMPP is correctly installed

Click on the Start buttons for Apache and MySQL. These are the Web Server and the Database used by WordPress respectively.

XAMPP Installation Verification

Open the following link in your browser: http://localhost/dashboard/.

You should get the following page. It means XAMPP has been installed. This will allow you to implement as many WordPress installations as necessary according to your projects.

XAMPP Installation Verification

In Part 2 I’ll explain how to create the Database that WordPress will use.

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