The quick WordPress Install process

WordPress can be installed in just a few steps once you have the proper files in your hosting server

When you access from your browser the location where the WordPress files have been extracted you’ll get the following screens to perform the installation.

First, you need to choose the language to be used during the installation and click on Continue

A second window gets displayed with a list of requirements needed.

Next, just add the information requested:

  • Database Name (This database needs to be created in the Cpanel of your hosting server)
  • Username and Password (Also created in CPanel)
  • Database Host (Most commonly value is localhost)
  • Table Prefix (This is used for the tables to be created in the database)

If the database settings are correct, then just a few additional steps are required.

In the succeeding window we need to add the Site title, the admin user and an email address (this is very important since it will be used to recover your password in case you forget it!)

And that’s it! You are ready to start working on your brand new website!

Log in in the admin area to start working on your site.

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